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The sketch is to be performed by young people between the ages of about 7-14. It was originally used as part of a Sunday school anniversary service.

The Previous Generation by Pete Brazier
Characters A, B and C should be played by young people between the ages of about 7
and 14. Definitely no grownups.
A: Mornin’
B: Mornin’
A: Nice weather
B: Ooh isn’t it just
C: well, look at that
B: look at what dear
C: We’ve got more of them old people in this morning  
A:  Oh yes, that’s three weeks in a row, isn’t it nice to see some old people in the church for a change
C: Hmm…
B: Well they do bring a bit of life to the place don’t they.
C: Hmm…
B: What
C:  Nothing
B: Nothing my eye, what’s on your mind
C: Well it’s all very well having old people but who’s going to clean up after them, you know what a mess they cause.


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