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The sketch explores ideas raised by the portrayal of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. In particular the question of when it is important to do and when it is better to listen. The sketch is humorous and slightly edgy. It is designed to be used in a congregational context but you may wish to be a little cautious about what congregations you might present this in front of.

Chloe the Super Christian By Pete Brazier
The Characters - three girls in their late teens
Chloe: the super Christian
Jessica: The victim
Sophie: the secret Christian
N.B. The names Fleeton and Ground Zero were plays on the names of the town the sketch was first performed and the youth night club from that town – you may wish to explore some names that may have a similar resonance in your situation.
Scene1 They all sit in front of the mirror doing their makeup (except for Chloe who sits looking miserable with her arms crossed)
Chloe I don’t know why you have to get yourselves all tarted up for this.
Jessica What
Chloe I don’t know why you have to get yourselves all tarted up for another night at Ground Zero. You just make yourselves look
Jessica ooOOoo, and I suppose you’re going to go looking like that
Chloe Like what
Jessica Like your mum
Sophie Like your mum (at Jessica)
Jessica Soph, tell her she looks like an old granny
Sophie Leave me out of it, she can go looking however she likes; it doesn’t bother me.  
Jessica And anyway, Ground Zero is the best club night for under 18’s in the whole of Fleeton, so why wouldn’t you get tarted up for it
Chloe Well apart from the fact that it’s the only club night for under 18’s in Fleeton, how about the fact that I’m a Christian so I actually have a bit of self respect and don’t want to go out looking like a complete…


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