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Drama for two women, based on John 12v1-8 -the anointing of Jesus at Bethany. Mary and Martha in conversation after the meal. Mary tries to explain her action, seeing the perfume as a symbol of the spreading of Jesus' impact. Note that this script follows the convention of identifying Mary of Bethany as a "fallen woman", which is a disputed interpretation.

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An interpretation of John 12v1-8 – Jesus anointed at Bethany
Mary  and Martha
Setting the kitchen in Bethany, after the meal. Properties: table, 3 tea towels, dishes in a washing up bowl.
Martha Is there a dry towel?
Mary Yes, here you are. (Awkward silence as they work.)
Martha Why did you do it, Mary?
Mary Because I love him.
Martha I know.  He’s meant so much to our family – accepting us as friends, not
treating us as surplus women as most people do – sitting at our hearth
telling the old stories in a new way.   
(Exasperated) But I show my love for him with roast lamb and fresh
grapes.  Why the perfume? Why the show?
Mary I wanted to give him a moment of overwhelming joy – something to thank
him, to show him – to show the world - what he means to me.  And it did.
You saw that in their faces – before they started to be shocked and
disapproving – they were all transported for a moment.


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