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An interactive Bible study including visual ideas, meditation, reflection and anointing.

Included in this worship material are the meditation A Fragrant Act and poem Wasteful Loving which are also available as separate downloads (click on the title for more information, extracts and to download).

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Preparation: Prepare a display with a length of red and a length of white material laid on the floor or a table. On this place a jug with red wine or blackcurrant juice or squash and plates of fruit, figs, dates, olives, some fingers of cheese and pitta bread.

The event: As you welcome people to this interactive Bible study, invite them to wash their hands in the water before gathering around the display. Ask people to imagine themselves as guests at the meal to which Jesus was invited. If this can be dramatized, so much the better. Encourage people to think themselves into the part by describing the room, what people might be wearing, the sort of conversation that might be going on.

Again you might like to encourage them to chat with a neighbour asking questions such as, ‘What is your name?’, ‘Where do you come from?’, ‘Have you met Jesus before?’, ‘What do you think about Simon’s miraculous cure from leprosy?’.


This is one of the many resources to be found in the book Sensing God, creative ideas and resources for creative worship by Stella Bristow.  Click here for an introduction to the book.

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