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Sitting by the lake, listening to the water ripple along the shore, she had hoped for some peace, but the abandoned fishing boats, like dark menacing hills, stark against the fading light of the night sky, and distant voices like traitors’ whispers, felt threatening and did nothing to relieve her sense of anxiety. Something was not right. It was a totally irrational feeling and she knew it, but, somehow she had to see for herself – see that Jesus was safe.

Clutching the bottle, she ran back into the village – the lights of Simon’s house and the chatter of voices somehow beckoning her on. She didn’t know what she was going to do, but she knew she had to do something. Looking back, the next few minutes were like a dream, one that she would remember in every detail for the rest of her life. Breathless with exertion, unable to speak, she burst in on the group and stood looking for Jesus. All noise ceased and for a moment no one moved. All eyes were upon her. In that moment, it seemed her world was shocked into stillness. Suddenly it was clear. This was her one chance to offer her love and support, to let him know that she understood.


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