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Book of creative ideas including meditations. prayers, reflections, drama, poems and visual ideas, some of which are available to download by annual subscribers (gold members).

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Worship engages all aspects of our lives, our bodies and all our senses.  Creative worship is food for body and soul, but it also takes time, energy and practice to do it well and to relax whilst doing it.

Stella Bristow is an experienced leader of worship.  In this book she shares some of her tried and tested ideas for using all five senses in celebrating our relationship with God, with each other and with ourselves.  She offers a nourishing and tasty feast of new texts, creative ideas for activities an colourful worship centres, as well as stimulating suggestions for all who want to explore and enjoy – taste and see – the love of God in worship.

The first five chapters each focus on one of the senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch and they contain the following ingredients:

  • the retelling of a biblical story
  • a personal story
  • exercises
  • worship material
  • suggestions for music
  • visual displays
  • symbolic and tactile activities
  • meditations and reflections.

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