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Short drama suitable for church service or discussion starter on "What is truth"? 3F, 2M. Uses classic "denouement" scene of detective mystery to uncover why young scientist Verity died. Everyone around her had something to conceal.

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Monsieur Parot   detective
Dr Rupert Harper    Verity’s employer
Susie Sweet  Verity’s friend
Miriam Merchant  Verity’s mother
Iris Trevoran  retired teacher
Setting The sitting room of a country house on the coast of Devon. 5 chairs around a low table with tea
cups. Framed graduation photo on side.
 [MM & RH enter – she shows him to a seat.  SS and IT are already seated.
During scene they get up and move around as appropriate.]
RH My condolences Miriam.  Verity was an excellent scientist.  I shall miss her greatly.
MM Thankyou Rupert.  Verity’s death was a great shock to us all.  But what brings you here?
RH Well in fact that Belgian chap, Parot, asked me to meet him here at 4 o’clock.   
MM That explains…… You know Susie Sweet, Verity’s oldest friend? and Miss
Trevoran, who taught her at the village school?  This is Dr Harper.
IT Dr Rupert Harper?  Owner of Harper Pharmaceuticals? [RH nods]  Verity
was so proud to be appointed to your research team. Oh, here’s Monsieur Parot.
[MP enters.]
MP  Good afternoon ladies, Dr Harper.  A charming scene – afternoon tea in an
English country house.  But someone is missing – Verity – the beautiful,
clever girl who grew up here.  One week ago she fell to her death from the
cliff path over there.  Why? 
[MP looks at photo]

MM We hope you will lead us to the truth about my daughter, M Parot.
MP Lead us to the truth? Is that what you really want – any of you?  Well, let us
start a couple of weeks ago.  Verity was worried about something she had
found out at work, wasn’t she Susie?  She wanted to meet you in London
last weekend to ask your advice.
[All look uncomforta ble]
SS She did phone me – it sounded quite serious.  But I couldn’t meet her last
weekend.  I had – other plans.
MP Indeed you did.  Her boyfriend, Simon, was also unavailable – sailing all
weekend, he said. So Verity came home to Devon, to seek her mother’s
advice.  She had discovered that Harper Pharmaceuticals’ new wonder drug
– designed to prevent heart attacks – could cause loss of memory and
confusion.  She was told to suppress those results – and understood that the
instruction came right from the top – Dr Harper?
RH Verity was inexperienced.  Her conclusions may have been true, technically,
but she did not understand the implications.  We could not allow her to  ........


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