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Ash Wednesday What is Lent?
The two readers come up to the central mike together and bump into each other with a bit of a kerfuffle behind the mike

A: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

B: No – my fault honestly.

A: (recovering composure and starting to look professional!) “Sorry” – that’s why we’re here today isn’t it? It’s the beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday, that time of the Christian year when we begin to take a thorough look about where we stand with God and with people.

B: Well, there’s no doubt that we’ll find something to be sorry about! But “sorry” is such an easy word to say and such a hard word to mean, isn’t it?

A: That’s true! And then there’s all that other stuff we get wrong with people. Things like being really judgemental about other people, when we get exactly the same things wrong ourselves

B: I know what you mean – like slagging people off for being a gossip and then doing exactly the same thing yourself when you get a juicy bit of news about someone! Of course, I’d never do that!

A: (slightly sarcastic) No, of course not! ….

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