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Imagine...... A meditation for Good Friday

Narrator 1 Good Friday again, then
Narrator 2 Yes. How many times have we been here?
Narrator 1 What, come to church on Good Friday to get a hot cross bun?
Narrator 2 No; how many times have we heard the terrible story of that first Good Friday? How many times have we stood in the crowd waiting to hear Jesus condemned to death?

Narrator 1 How many times have we shuddered at the thought of the crucifixion, not daring to think about the details?
Narrator 2 There were so many opportunities for it all to have ended differently; for Jesus to have escaped crucifixion......... What if Jesus had not gone to Jerusalem? What if he had slipped into the city quietly on Palm Sunday?

Narrator 1 Yes, what if nobody had turned out for Him, waving palm branches? What if Jesus had met a wall of apathy, and people had stayed at home, washing their cars and mowing their lawns and watching the telly; or whatever the first century Jewish equivalent was?

Narrator 2 In that case no one would have seen Jesus as a threat.
Narrator 1 The order of things would not have been challenged. That's unthinkable.
Narrator 2 What if Judas had not betrayed Him?

Continues ...
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