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Bad News for the King of the Jews - By Kit Walkham

Flavia TV news presenter
Reuben Reporter
Miriam Reporter
With name changes, these could be played by either gender.
Staging flexible to suit context.

If used in a service, introduce as:

“And now, the news from Jerusalem - in the early 40s AD”.

Flavia Good morning, this is Flavia Tertia, with the latest news and views from the people who matter in Jerusalem. First, a worrying setback for Herod Agrippa as the leader of a growing sect escapes from prison. Police are still hunting for Peter, sometimes known as Rocky or Simon. He speaks with a Galilee accent, is physically strong, and subject to outbursts of temper. He leads the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, a radical preacher crucified by Pontius Pilate some years ago. Peter claims to be a devout Jew but the Temple
authorities reject his unorthodox views. Police warn the public not to approach him. The escape happened the night before last, but details have only just emerged from Herod’s palace. Our Jewish affairs correspondent, Reuben, has the details.

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