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Monologue: Hannah’s neighbour

(We often look at Bible stories through the eyes of the people involved, but what did Hannah’s neighbour think about the things that were happening?)

I see the neighbours have gone off to Shiloh to make their sacrifice again. Every year, they go! Never missed one yet! Very devout, they are. They take their best animals and he takes both his wives and their children and they travel to the house of God and give their animals to be killed as an offering. Of course, they also make a bit of a feast of it, because some of the meat is passed back to them and they all have this great meal together to celebrate the event. She tells me all about it when they get back – Hannah, that is, not the other one.  The other one is a bit too smug for my liking and is far too concerned with her own opinion of herself to be interested in her neighbours. She’s always felt herself to be superior to Hannah, because she started having children very quickly after her marriage, but Hannah couldn’t have any for many years. And that’s the really interesting part of their story, if you’ve got time to listen? I know Hannah won’t mind me telling you, because she’s quite happy for everybody to know.


©Marjorie Dobson

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