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Meditation/ prayer: Samuel

I’m sorry, God. I didn’t hear you the first time, or the second, or even the third.
I didn’t recognise your voice.
I suppose I didn’t expect to hear you when it was just an ordinary night – no different from any of the others.
And I don’t remember you speaking to me before.
Other people have heard you, I know, but I didn’t think that I was important enough for you to say anything to me.
That’s why I went running off to Eli. I was sure that it was his voice I heard.
Did you know that you sounded like him?
Oh, I’m sorry, I suppose I shouldn’t say that. I should say that Eli sounds like you?
And I’m used to his voice. I’ve heard it most of my life.
My mother wanted me to be here so much. I’ve been here since I was so small that I can hardly remember what it was like living at home.
Eli needs me a lot just now. He’s getting older and I do a lot of fetching and carrying for him. He seems pleased to have me around and teaches me a lot about you.


©Marjorie Dobson

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