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Resolution, by Kit Walkham

An interpretation of Acts 15 – how do Gentile Christians fit in?
While the optimistic outcome of this chapter is questioned by other parts of
the New Testament, it is a good model for resolving church disputes.

Jesse Christian from the Pharisaic party
Miriam His wife
Demas Gentile Christian from Antioch
Hera His wife

The two couples are in different parts of the acting area, and freeze when the other couple is talking. They could have contrasting styles of dress – eg Jesse & Miriam traditional “Sunday best”, and Demas & Hera flamboyant or very casual. A sign can identify them as in Jerusalem and Antioch respectively. Jesse &Scripts may be held as meeting papers (Jesse) or a letter (Demas).

Jesse (enters – clearly upset). I don’t know what the church is coming to!

Miriam Oh Jesse darling. Was the meeting as bad as you feared?

Jesse Worse. People cheering and patting them on the back and praising God for their mission. When I raised a simple question about how they were keeping up standards, everyone looked at me as though I was spoiling the party.

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