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Drama: Be dressed, ready …

(Six people hear those words, but only one of them seems to fully understand their meaning.)
Narrator: “Be dressed, ready for service …” said Jesus. But sometimes those words can be misunderstood.

Car repair man: I will, but I’ll need to know what job it is you want me to do, so that I have the right equipment. Cars are tricky things to deal with these days. Some of them are just like giant computers and all you can do replace the bit that’s causing the problem – if you can understand where it is. They even have to diagnose it the way a doctor decides what is wrong with you from your symptoms. I must admit I prefer the older models with proper engineering and the need wear oily overalls and tinker around with spanners and wrenches.

Working mother: My grandmother was in service and she had a uniform to dress in. Black, it was, with a white frilled apron for when she was meeting members of the family, but a big wrap-around overall for when she was washing-up in the kitchen. Surely we’re not going back to those days, are we?


©Marjorie Dobson

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