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Suitable for a Toy service or approaching Christmas.

Sketch - THE TOY THAT ANSWERED BACK             
For use in All Age Worship, a Toy service or approaching Christmas.
Setting -A Toymaker,is taken aback when one of his toys he is making starts to speak.
Costume /props  No costume required but you could enhance the sketch if you are feeling
imaginative and creative, by making two hand puppets to represent the toy maker and the
toy train.Or simplify it by mounting on two separate sticks a picture/drawing of a toy maker
and a train.
**                **                            **                       **                   **                  **               **
TOY MAKER :  So many toys to make and so little time to make them in now what shall I
make next,  a toy car,may be  a toy boat. Or a toy Princess, or  Prince,Oh! but I nearly
forgot,I must finish making this toy train first, let’s see. Now then I must check my materials
have I enough metal yes, enough wheels yes, enough paint, yes.
TOY:  What about my chimney?
TOY MAKER: (startled) Oh dear! Oh dear! You made me jump
TOY: Why?
TOY MAKER: I didn’t  expect you to speak
TOY:  Oh yes, don’t you remember, when you fitted my engine in place you gave me a voice
TOY MAKER:  Of course I had forgotten.
TOY:  When I am travelling along the railway line as I pick up speed, I start to speak slowly,at
first saying TRIPETTY TRIP,TRIPETTY TRIP,….  Then as my pace increases I go (speaking louder
TOY MAKER: (In  a jocular mood) Ha!  So you do it is like  music to my ears when you do
that.But Why did you ask about a chimney?
TOY: (Rather adamant) because I am a steam train,not an electric one.
TOYMAKER: Sorry, don’t worry,I will put your chimney in place in a moment, then you can
let of steam.
TOY: Don’t be cheeky!
TOYMAKER: Didn’t mean to be, but as you will discover, you have to build up enough
pressure and enough steam in your engine to drive the wheels which move the train,along
the track. The longer the journey, the more steam you will use.


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