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A short 'Sunday morning political style' chat show script for use at carol services/in all age worship/high school assemblies. The host of a political chat show talks farming and environment issues with a shepherd and astrologer but ends up hearing an unexpected story about the light of the world.

The Chat Show:
Host, Shepherd, Wise Man.
Host: Good evening and welcome to the [Name of presenter] Show. This morning we're talking farming and the environment. It's almost a year now since the government introduced their directives to end European 'Gold plating'. In January last year the Government had announced that it would put an end to the so-called gold plating of European Directives when they are implemented in the UK, so that British-based businesses would not be put at a disadvantage compared with their European competitors. This was to be achieved by copying the text of Directives directly into UK law. Today we ask 'did the government get it right? And has it actually made any difference?
On the show this morning, please welcome my first guest, a front line worker and spokesperson for the agricultural community, Samuel Benjamin.
(Enter Samuel, dressed as a shepherd)
Host (shakes hand) Take a seat and don’t be sheepish!
Samuel (sitting down) Thank you for having me on the show, [presenter], but I think there's been a bit of a mistake... I'm not really....


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