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A lighthearted sketch for two actors who discuss the rumours surrounding Jesus' ministry and the healing of the Centurion's servant. Ideal for all age worship, youth groups or assemblies.

I Don’t Believe It!
Year C - Proper 4
Luke 7: 1-10

The actors are dressed in street style clothes. This will be funnier the older your actors are.
A: He said what?
B: He said, ‘not even in Israel have I seen such faith’.
A: Now that’s taking liberties, that is.
B: That’s what I said. Talk about alienating your fans.
A: Well yeah, I mean I quite liked him, that Jesus bloke. What I’ve seen of him, anyway. But if he’s saying things like that about us. Well...
B: I know, right, you can’t get more faithful than the people of Israel.
A: And if you wanna be the King of the Jews you can’t go around dissing us.
B: Or doing favours for Centurions.
A: You what?


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