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The Disciples meet on the afternoon of Pentecost and discuss how to put their newly acquired langauge skills to good use. Peter has to remind them that gift of the Holy Spirit is for the building up of God's Kingdom and not for the building up of their own personal empires!

“Talk in many Languages”
Acts 2:1-41
[Note: The setting is the day of Pentecost, sometime in the afternoon or evening. The disciples have been getting used to their new gifts! There are four characters in dialogue. Peter, Matthew, Thomas and James. The main speaker is Peter, who especially needs to be loud, clear, and confident. All characters must speak clearly, and project their voices, especially if not near a microphone. They must get into the ‘feeling’ of the dialogue and understand what is going on. They must do more than simply read the text! Males and females may take any of the parts, the text itself is not dependent on gender specific voices.]
[Peter and Matthew arrive ‘on stage’ together from different places]
Peter Hello Matthew. How are you after such an eventful morning?
Matthew Bonjour Peter. Tres Bien Merci. Comment Allez Vouz?
Peter Er. I’m sorry. What was that?
Matthew Just practicing my new found linguistic skills. I asked you how you were.
Peter I’m, er … fine,
[Thomas arriving interrupts Peter & greets them both loudly]
Thomas Peter! Matthew! Te re Paevest!  Kuidas Sinu Laheb?
Peter Er. Didn’t quite catch you there Thomas
Thomas Sorry guys. I was practicing my Estonian! That Holy Spirit thing this morning is sure going to make life different from now on.
Peter Look out. Here’s James. I wonder which language we’ll be greeted in next.
[James approaches, greeting all three of them in turn]
James Stravo Peter!  Stravo Matthew! Stravo Thomas !  Ka ku Ce?
Peter It’s all Greek to me!
James Well your close Peter. It’s actually Macedonian. What do you think?
Peter Do you really want to know?
Matthew Oui Messuer!
Thomas Matthew!
Matthew Sorry!
Peter A few hours ago I stood up and told the crowd that you weren’t drunk. But now I’m not so sure. I really don’t know what’s got into you all.


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