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Holy Week 4: Easter day is the datum point of our Faith

Reflection accompanying image “Zero point datum on York Station

Waiting on York Station last week I happened upon the Zero Post. What I read on the plaque above it straightaway sparked off thoughts of Easter. "The centre of York station was the Zero Point for the measurement of ten of the North Eastern Railway's lines, including those to Beverley, Harrogate,  Newcastle, Normanton and Scarborough. This replica Zero Post was erected by the North Eastern Railway Association with financial assistance from The Railway Heritage Trust and The Ken Hoole Trust to mark the 150th anniversary of the formation of the NER on 31 July 1854. it was unveiled by Sir William McAlpine,Bt., Chairman of The Railway Heritage Trust on 31 July 2004."  The zero point
for measurement.....surely that is precisely what Easter Day is for Christians. 

The Resurrection of Jesus is the event from which everything is measured and calculated. It is our primary datum. Nothing makes sense without it, least of all the global development of Christianity, stretching out from Jerusalem. Indeed the whole of Christian History can only be explained by reference to the factual reality of this one primary event.


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