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Music: JCSS Track1 “Overture”(4min) 5minutes before start as people come in; JCSS Track2 “Heaven on their minds”(4.08min) (pause...)

Reading: LUKE 22:16 Judas agrees to betray Jesus (pause...)

Thoughts onJudas.

That Bible reading is a short picture of the man Judas setting out to betray Jesus. No indication of why,nor of what had tipped Judas over the edge. It’s very much like some mass shootings or the recent attack by an18year old on a14year old schoolgirl. We wonder what has led up to such tragic events. Some thing must have done.
So I’ve researched books, the internet and the four gospels, to find what is said about Judas and to try and build a picture of him, of his character. We are ultimately limited to what the Bible says about him and what we can deduce from it.

My picture of Judas is this.
Judas was the only Judean amongst the 12 disciples. He could have been a bit of a loner on the outside of the group, not a people person, and one who reacted to situations rather than thinking deeply of the consequences before acting. He may have enjoyed doing things, the excitement of something new. John’s gospel tells us that Judas kept the groups money. But looking at Matthew and Mark’s gospels of the same story, the immediately prior story is that of Mary Magdalene anointing Jesus, does suggest a motive, a tipping point by association.
The lavish, extravagant pouring of perfume over the head of Jesus; is a sign of love and sins forgiven to many people, but to others who saw the value of the perfume, a year’s wages then, which is about £300 today it was a complete waste of resources!

Continues ... and concludes with Prayer

(Optional endings;) H&P - "We shall say Hymn 134 together".  OR Music: JCSS track11 “I don’t know how to love him”(3:30min)
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