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This one deals with the events of Easter from the point of view of Judas as he contemplates ending his life.

Judas Seeks an Escape from his Guilt

I don’t know what to do.

For three years I haven’t had to make my own decisions. All that time I knew what my next tasks were to be. I was guided. I simply did what he asked me to. And now he’s gone – and his other followers, my friends, have scattered. I’m all on my own. There’s no one to tell me what to do next.

It was so easy when we were on the road together. I had my jobs to do and everyone knew that. Most of them were interested in listening to what he had to say to everyone. They didn’t want to bother themselves about the practical matters. He often had to sort things out that had got overlooked.

I remember that time we were all on that hillside in the late afternoon. Everyone was hungry – there must have been thousands of us – and no one had made any arrangements to see that there was food. I remember how everyone was coming up with this idea and that plan. But it was him who sorted out it. I’m still not clear how he did it but I do remember that there were baskets of food left over afterwards.


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