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This one deals with the events of the corrupt judge and the persistent from the point of view of the judge.

A Corrupt Judge’s Considered Judgement

What a day I’ve just had! And all over just one old woman. Don’t get me wrong. I knew it was coming. It’s nothing new. It’s been going on for ages.

You see it all began the other week - just after the feast day. There I was - just a normal day of fixing this and that for my special and generous friends - and, all of a sudden, there she was. This troublemaker just turned up at my table. At first I didn’t see anything special about her. From the way she dressed I could tell she was a widow but there was nothing remarkable about her. Just another old woman.

She must have stood patiently in line for ages in that hot sun, waiting her turn to present her case for judgement. Little did she know that she had no hope of getting that at my table! As if standing in line was all it took to get my attention!!. But somehow she got to the front and placed her petition papers on the table.

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