Only by Grace is a series of monologues which were first performed by James Robinson at Lee Abbey, Devon on Easter Saturday 2013. 
Between each of the monologues was a time for reflection. 

When I agreed to write and perform for this session during Easter, my initial thoughts were of an emotional and edgy piece of theatre that saw Judas with drink and pills in hand having a dialogue within himself about his betrayal. To some extent, the dialogue remains as an underlying theme within the monologues that I'll deliver this morning but as I read the gospel accounts and other material around the character of Judas, it quickly became apparent that my idea of Judas was one based on bits and pieces from different accounts and indoctrinated teaching...

Offer of Grace - Offended by Grace - Insufficient Grace? - A story of God’s Grace
Disturbed by Grace - Driven by Grace - Handed Over with Grace  - Convicted by Grace

Only by Grace © James Robinson 2013


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