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Imagining the Lectionary: Good Friday – High Street Crucifixion
Reflection accompanying image “Christ crucified on the high street
God so loved the how can something which matters so much seem to mean so little to so many, not least when so many have so much hidden agony which God so longs to transform? This is the conundrum at the centre of Good Friday. Why is the death of Jesus so invisible? Why is the fact of him giving his life of so little interest?

To be sure the consequences of loving like God loves are not a pretty sight and sacrifice is a word which goes right against the grain of modern culture.Yet the other-centred life of Jesus demonstrates the deepest truth of our being human: it is when we open ourselves to  the loving presence of God and seek to find that presence within others that the trajectory of our living is transformed beyond belief. Seeing everything and everyone from a godly perspective lifts us out of a stultifying preoccupation with ourselves, whereby our desires, wants and needs form the innate and governing focus of our attention. 

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