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Imagining the Lectionary: Impassable, impossible or imperative - the improbable pathway to Easter and beyond
Reflection accompanying image “Journey of faith in God
The imposing limestone cliffs of Water-cum-Jolly Dale in the Derbyshire Peak District and the prone-to-flooding River Wye flowing through Cressbrook Mill Pond force the footpath to occupy a very tenuous position. Sometimes, as here, it disappears from sight as the water rises directly against the rockface, leaving the way ahead submerged. The question then becomes, 'do we press on with the walk or admit defeat and turn back'

The couple in the photo are in the middle of this very dilemma. He is moving forward very slowly, a step at a time, probing the water with his walking pole to test the depth. She, wisely, is waiting a little longer in order to see whether it is sensible to follow him. All they can see stretching away ahead of them is a wide expanse of water with no hint of depth, bounded by the sinuous curve of the sheer cliff. Their predicament is certainly a challenging one.

Those who would set out on a Christian journey of faith with God find themselves in a similar position. At the best of times the space for the path seems very tiny and restricted.

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