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It was mine. Nothing to do with him. Nothing at all.

Oh well – if you’re going to be picky – all right – so he does own the land and he was the one who originally put all the work into preparing the soil for the vines. Yes, yes, okay I’ll admit he was also the one who built the watchtower so that the crop would be safe from thieves and others. So if you’re going to push things I suppose ‘yes’ it might be that he felt some ownership of the crop. I’ll give you that.

But let me ask you another question – who was it who put in all the hard work into tending the vines eh? Who was it who had to get his whole family together, including my auntie Vera – who really, really doesn’t like me – and have them working at all hours of the day and night for weeks gathering the harvest in? Who was it who did all of that eh? I’ll tell you that for free – it was me – all right – me - with my own fair hands. Well okay I’ll grant you they’re not so fair now – but that’s only because of all the work I’ve had to do gathering in that crop.


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