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The investigation

Matthew 21:33-46

Good morning. My name is Chief Inspector Howard of New Scotland Yard and I am here to give you the latest information that we can on the recent serious crimes at Henby’s vineyard just down the road from this Church.
Can I first of all say that we have been slightly disappointed in the public response to this crime thus far. It would appear that over the past few months there have been multiple murders on the premises at Henby’s and it was only last week after the most recent murder that the Police became aware of the crimes at all.
You may well know that Henby’s is a tenant based operation. Farmers tend a certain area of vines and pay a rental in money or goods to the owner, Mr. Godson. As far as we can ascertain certain tenants of the vineyards have taken it into their heads that the land is theirs, not Mr. Godsons and this has resulted in the recent heinous crimes we have seen.


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