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Day of Pentecost Year B
The Act of Prayer
Praying through the lectionary
ACTS 2:1–21
Romans 8: 22-27
PSALM 104: 24-34, 35b
JOHN 15: 26-27, 16: 4b-15;

Opening prayer

Loving Father,
be the focus of our lives
as we meet together in your name.

Precious Jesus,
be the cornerstone on which,
step by step, our faith is built.

Holy Spirit,
be the flame that never dims
or gets extinguished in these hearts.


The Spirit came
and your church was born,
in wind and fire
and words of power.

The Spirit came,
blowing fear aside,
and in its place
made weak hearts stronger.

The Spirit came
as your word foretold,
with prophecy,
visions and wonder.

The Spirit came
and is here today,
to feed the hearts
of those that hunger.


We ask for your forgiveness
when we forget
the power that lies within
and trust instead
in human strength.

Remind us of Pentecost,
when so clearly
you transformed fearful souls,
by your Spirit, into
people of power.

Renew these hearts,
grown cold,
with flames of fire
as on that Pentecost,
that we might be
the church that you desire.


Thank you for a gift
that enables our prayer,
reads our hearts
and guides us on our journey.

Thank you for a gift
that empowers the church
and gives it strength
to speak your word boldly.

Thank you for a gift
that builds up your body
and makes it
a blessing for others.

Thank you for the gift
of your Holy Spirit,
your presence in
these hearts and this world.

Taken from The Act of Prayer by John Birch

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