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Meditation – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr C
Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7
Psalm 66:1-12
2nd Timothy 2:8-15
Luke 17:11-19

It is sometimes trials and difficulties that draw us closer to God, or that are instrumental in our salvation. Of the ten lepers whom Jesus healed of their terrible disease, only one returned to give thanks. All had pleaded with him (Luke 17:13) and all had been cleansed and sent to show themselves to the priests in order to be declared free of leprosy (17:14). One – a Samaritan - turned back, however, praising God and falling at Jesus’ feet in thanks (17:15-16). This story is not included in our Bibles as a lesson in good manners. It is far more significant than that, because it reveals a man who received not only healing, but salvation. Jesus’ words “your faith has made you well” (17:19 NIV) could equally mean “your faith has saved you”. All the lepers had been “made well” in the sense that they had been healed. However, in praising God and thanking Jesus, this man had been “made well” – saved - by acknowledging Jesus and recognising that in him, God’s will was being performed...

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