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The parable of the rich fool (Luke 12: 13-21) is one which ought to disturb all of us. I am no exception for I have to admit that much of my security does come from my finances, and the knowledge that the NHS and Social Services should help me if I get into real trouble. Meditating on these thoughts leads me prayerfully back to our Lord as the only sure source of security for the future.

I’ve always been a coward Lord,
The fears of childhood overwhelmed me:
Hiding behind the bushes from the big boys.
Kicking and screaming at the dentist;
Yelling rude words as the doctor lanced a boil.
The fears of adolescence embarrassed me:
Do I look OK in this?
Will girls like me?
Will I get a job?
Will I pass my exams?
The fears of adulthood grip me still
Factories closed.


© Colin Smith June 2010

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