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Meditation - Palm Sunday

The colt was edgy.
As the rope was slackened it laid back its ears and lashed its tail;
flinching from soothing hands; shying as they led it away.
When they brought it, still fretful, to his side, he laid one hand upon its head
and breathed a word of peace:
Peace, peace in heaven, the King is come.
And so they rode together through the quiet olive groves.
The crowd followed noiselessly, hushed by his thoughtful mood,
for he had fallen silent.
On this journey he told no stories to shock the idle listener into thought.
He spoke no words of healing to the broken hearted.
He rode silently,
Listening to the footfalls, muffled by men’s cloaks;
listening to the wind sighing in the trees:
Peace, peace in heaven, the King is come.


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