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Moulin Rouge Cover Letter

A Bible Study which relies heavily on discussion rather than leading. Using the film 'Moulin Rouge' as a starting point and then looking at a variety of passages (which can be obtained from the web in a variety of different translations) There are questions to help start discussion - some are harder than others.
It is helpful to show the film in stages as you go along as well as showing it in entirety at the beginning of the series.
There should be enough questions and verses for the session to take approximately one hour. Some of the questions you may feel are not suitable for group discussion and as such it may be worth providing a copy of the questions afterwards for people to take home. This way they can cover the topics without publically answering the questions.
There will be ten parts to this.
This is the final section covering the remainder of the film. It also has a summary section on the whole series at the end.
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