FAIR FEAST SONG The Wedding Feast This song, reproduced on the next page, is based on the story of the Wedding Feast, found in Luke 14, and Jesus’s challenge to include the most vulnerable people in our celebrations. It is easy to learn and sing, but if you have a church choir, you could ask them to introduce it to your congregation. The version on pages 3-5 is a full performance arrangement, including a trumpet fanfare. The song is included by kind permission of the writer and composer, Clare Matthews and Anthony Eddy.

Over one billion people went to bed hungry last night. But millions more didn't, thanks to fair trade and MRDF's community projects.

Fair Feast gives you the opportunity to help eradicate hunger and make the world a fairer place. it's a great way to celebrate Pancake Day and Fairtrade Fortnight in 2011, and raise money that will be invested in some of the world's poorest communities, through MRDF's partners.

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