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Seventh Sunday after Epiphany Year A

Matthew 5: 38-48

Drama: Opinions from the crowd

Read the Gospel for the day – Matthew 5. 38-48

To be followed immediately by these readings by four appropriate people.
Apart from Hard Man, the other characters could be male or female.

Hard man
That man is so unreal! You can’t believe a word he says!
Did you hear him a few minutes ago? He’s off his head.
I know what I’d do if someone struck me on the right
cheek – he’d get my fist in his face before he had the
chance to do anything else. An eye for an eye has been
good enough for me so far. I‘m not changing my mind
about it. I mean, where would I be if I stood there like a
soft old woman and said, ‘that’s all right, son. Now would
you like to try the other side of my face’? Not a chance!
I’m THE man round here and don’t people know it...
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