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Prayers of Adoration, Confession and
Thanksgiving for Advent by John Birch


Rejoice in the Lord always!
Shout out his name,
for God is with us,
our God is with us,
the God of our salvation,
in whom alone we trust.
Rejoice in the Lord always!



Forgive us, Lord,
we are a wandering people
who kneel before you now.
A people who bring prayers
and requests to your feet
when we have need of you,
and nowhere else to turn.



You are the Father who welcomes home
the prodigal who has wandered far.
You are the Father who prepares a meal
when others would simply ignore.
You are the Father whose love extends
beyond our thoughts or minds.
You are the Father who knows our hearts
and yet loves us as we are.


John Birch

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