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Esther 1 Queen Vashti speaks (Esther chapter 1)

It’s not much fun being a Persian Queen.

Yes, I lead a life which would be the envy of many.

A life of luxury,

Beautiful clothes to wear,

Whatever beauty treatments I desire,

Food and drink on demand.

But I sometimes wonder what it is all for.

Am I there just to satisfy the desires of the king?

To bear him children?

And to be a creature of beauty
for him to parade in front of willing admirers?
It certainly seemed like that.

But his latest display of wealth was the last straw.

It was an all men’s affair.

Princes and their servants, army chiefs, nobles
and governors of the provinces.

And it went on for weeks and weeks, for half the year.

Banquets every day.

An opportunity for him to show off the splendour of his wealth to everyone.


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