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Esther 4 Esther approaches the king (Esther chapter 5)

I had spent three days in fasting and prayer
and thinking about what to say.

Eventually I had my plans sorted out,
how to expose Haman
and get the king to change his mind.

But I have to admit I was terrified.

If I was out of favour with the king and he objected to my presence,
I would be killed instantly.

I dressed up in all my royal robes.

After all, I had to remind him who I was
as well as impress him.

And so timidly I stood in the inner court, opposite the king’s hall.

I could see him in the distance on his throne.

He looked up and saw me.

What would he do?

I waited.

Those few seconds seemed like hours.

And then he held out his golden sceptre.

He was willing for me to approach him.

I felt so relieved I stood rooted to the spot for a few moments.

And then slowly I approached him.

I touched the top of the sceptre, according to custom.


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