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Esther 5 Esther exposes Haman (Esther ch 7)

The second night I waited for the king and Haman to come.

The king arrived but there was no sign of Haman.
Surely he had not forgotten?

The king’s eunuchs were sent to fetch him.

He seemed rather distracted,
as though something significant had happened during the day.

Again the king asked me what my request was.

And this time I told him.

I told him that I and my people were about to be destroyed.

I told him that our people could have coped with being sold into slavery.

We had been through that before.

But we were to be utterly destroyed.

I told him it would be a loss to him as well.

The Jews were valuable to him.

They were good workers, astute in business and commerce.

And they were spread right across his provinces.


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