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Reflection: Impossibilities

When Alice went Through the Looking Glass, the White Queen told her that in her youth she had managed to ‘believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’
She was an amateur when compared with Abram, or Abraham, as he’d become known when his ‘impossible things’ began to come true.
It’s hard to list them all, but at this point when God makes a covenant with Abram – as he then was – he has to swallow a few impossible things before the covenant is made.
The first one is the fact that God will give him a son who will be his rightful heir.
Now Abram was already well past the age when he would expect to become a father and his dearly loved wife Sarai had already gone right through her fertile years without any sign of a pregnancy. Yet now God promised that, not only would he have a son, but his descendants would be as countless as the stars.
Did Abram believe God?
Of course he did!
Would I have done? Hmm?
But God didn’t stop there.
Oh, no!


©Marjorie Dobson


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