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A puppet sketch about the Angel appearing to the shepherds to tell them about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

Hello, My name’s Zac and I’m a shepherd.
You know, us shepherds get a tough time of it.
You should see how people treat us, they completely ignore us, as if we smell or something.

People don’t seem to like us for some reason or other, perhaps its because we stay on the hillside with our sheep.
We don’t get down into Bethlehem very often, because we need to look after our sheep.
If we don’t look after them they could get into all kinds of trouble and go missing or get eaten by wild animals.

So its important that we stay with them all of the time, because they get used to us and don’t really trust anyone else.
If the truth be known I prefer spending time with the sheep rather than people.
At least the sheep trust you and rely on you and want to be with you, unlike some I know.
So us shepherds don’t have much street cred, we are the seen as the dregs of society, no good to anyone.

We used to think that we weren’t very confident people and I suppose we had a low self esteem that is up until a remarkable day a few years ago.
You see, we were on the hillside washing our socks, I mean watching our flocks when suddenly in the sky there was a bright light coming towards us.
At first we thought it might be a helicopter but they hadn’t been invented then.
As it got closer, the bigger it got and it stayed there hovering in the sky just above us.

I couldn’t believe it, it was an Angel and it said to us,

Continues ...

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