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The Denial - Drama

Peter - What was I supposed to say?

What was I supposed to say? 'Oh yeah, yeah I'm one of his disciples. Actually the others tease me
that I'm his favourite'. Don't you realise what danger I was in? They'd already taken The Master
away. We knew he was always in danger whenever he went to the city. He'd told us that before
and now it seemed like everything he was telling us was going to come true. All those times he'd
talked about his death and we hadn't dared to believe him but now….. But he's the master, I'm
sure he's got a plan. He always has a plan. This is probably just another test, isn't it? So what good
would I be if I hand myself in as one of his followers? No, better to just lie low, stay out of the
spotlight, blend into the crowd. Then when this is over and he tells us why this had to happen I'll be
there ready to help him again, his right hand man. Ready to do anything for him. Yeah that's the
way. No need to rush things, just stay calm and stay out of trouble. But what if he hasn't got a
plan? What if this really is the end? What if he just walked away in the garden and left us? No this
can't be the end. It can't be.

The Antagonist - How do you sleep?

In the darkness and stillness, I am there. When the world seems hushed and quiet, I am there. You
close your eyes and listen to the world pass you by and I am there. How does it feel to know you
have let down those you love the most? How does it feel to know you could and should have stood
up for what you knew was right and real and true?


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