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The Things He Said - Part One - Early Morning

Chapter 3

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The two of them stand in the garden. The sun is just beginning to cast the fullness of its first rays across the dew drenched earth. She is standing in front of the tomb. Her body is still, but deep unrest convulses her spirit. Tears smudge her face. The stone that was placed at the entrance is pushed away to one side. He is standing beside her. Close to her, but not quite next to her. She is sort of half-turned round, looking at him, wondering who he is and where he came from. They can see each other clearly and they look at each other closely, but she is not turning round to face him properly. She has no idea who he is. And yet she has this strange desire to reach out to him. It seems as if he might know something...

Taken from The Things He Said by Stephen Cottrell

Published by SPCK

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