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Various Prayers for any Sunday through the year –
by David J Woodman

Opening Prayer: (Thanks)
Lord God, we thank you that you have brought us good news: that you welcome us to church this morning; that you would welcome those who have not come also.
You understand each one of us; with all our differences of background, of interests and understanding.
Lord Jesus, we thank you that you have brought us freedom: through the power of your forgiveness; that we can forgive and accept both ourselves and the people we meet.
Make this an essential mark in our living as it is in yours.

Holy Spirit, we thank you for your indwelling presence of love in our hearts and in our living: that as we want and desire you, you will mould and motivate us more like Jesus.

And so we rest in you, our Lord, Son and Holy Spirit; One God experienced in three ways ….

We are amazed and awed at your power in creation: evident to us everywhere as we walk; through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Yet you are now close to us as we rest in your peace ….

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