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Are you the One who is to come,
or should we look for someone new?
Thousands have named your holy name
Yet now your followers are few.
Are you the One to bring us life,
or should we leave the search behind?
Many have found a kind of truth
While in their eyes our love seems blind.
Are you the One whose way is sure,
or should we follow other ways?
Those who deny what faith is for
See little value in our praise.
Still the world turns from night to day;
Still lives are lived, still love survives;
Yet hope and peace seem far away
In broken homes and broken lives.
Poverty stalks and warfare grows
In the rich soil our greed has made.
Many face death alone; who knows
The cost they've seen, the price they've paid.
You are the One by whom we'll stand
In death or life, for good or ill,
All shall be mended by your hand -
For this we'll live and follow still.
You are the Way, the Life, the Truth,
Yours is the promise, yours the love;
No sign or trend can break this faith,
No promise, no alternative.
You are the One who is to come,
Ours is the joy to wait your Word;
Nations may fall, our lives be lost -
Your hope is ours; the world's reward.
LM (Maryton)

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