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God above us, God beyond us,
God as close as our next breath,
God in Jesus living, dying,
Overcoming pain and death.
Jesus rising, Jesus rising
Jesus lifting all we are
From the depths of hate and violence
To God’s realm so near, so far.

Broken hearts, bewildered spirits;
Earthly lives destroyed or torn.
Though we grieve and lose and limit,
Leave, divide and fall and mourn,
We have not been left in sorrow,
We have Christ at God’s right hand,
Breathing love till every spirit,
Every heart and life shall stand.

Bread of heaven, Rock of ages,
Light and Life and Truth and Way,
Words that burn from ancient pages
Bring Christ’s Spirit to our day.
Far beyond us, close beside us,
Years before us, years to come,
Breath of love and peace and justice
Endlessly we’ll praise your name.
Michael Docker

Hyfrydol 8787 D BPW270

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