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The Second Sunday of Easter
Acts 4.32–35 1
1 John 1.1—2.2
John 20.19–31

The recent popularity of The Lord of the Rings has helpfully given new vitality to the word ‘fellowship’. The people who make up the ‘fellowship of the ring’ are not natural allies. They have little in common, and they join the fellowship with different personal priorities. But they are held together by the overriding need to save their countries from the menace of evil. They have to learn to trust one another, to rely on one another’s skills and judgement, and allow for one another’s particular weaknesses. This sense of struggle and adventure is a useful import into the rather debased Christian usage of ‘fellowship’, which is often used to mean little more than being temporarily nice to each other...

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams


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