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The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Acts 10.44-48
1John 5.1-6
John 15.9-17

The desire for certainty goes very deep, and all of today’s readings look at that longing with sympathy, though the answers they give are as challenging as they are reassuring.

In the Gospel, Jesus is at last giving his disciples ‘commandments’. If the disciples have been listening to Jesus throughout the weeks and months before this, they must have some inkling already about how Jesus interprets God’s commandments to his people. Underlying the great commandments given by God to Moses is the imperative that his people should show by their lives what their God is like. This commandment Jesus has fulfilled utterly. Through all his life he has kept the commandment to love God, be loved by God and to show God’s love, and that is the commandment that he now passes on to his disciples...

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams

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