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Proper 19

Isaiah 50.4-9a
James 3.1-12
Mark 8.27-38

The disciples are quite enjoying the discussion, to begin with. Every- where they’ve been with Jesus, they have heard speculation. People must have asked them, over and over again, ‘Who is your master? Where does he get his power from? What’s he really up to?’ The disciples are very tactful. They only pass on the repeatable theories they have heard. They don’t say, ‘Some people think you’re mad, and some people think you’re demon-possessed, and some people think you’re a revolutionary.’ No, they stick to the complimentary and religious options. They do this partly to be kind to Jesus, but partly also for their own sakes. After all, if they’re his followers, they are going to be tarred with the same brush as him...

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams

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