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Proper 5

Genesis 3: 8-15
2 Corinthians 4: 13-5: 1
Mark 3: 20-35

Things are moving at a relentless pace for Jesus in these early chapters of Mark’s Gospel. Already he is being followed everywhere he goes by large crowds of people. Already he has made bitter enemies out of the local clergy. Some of the people who follow him are just hoping to be in on the action, and they don’t much care if it is a healing or a pitched battle that they witness. But some of the crowd can already be called ‘disciples’ (see Mark 3.7), and they would no doubt believe that they are following Jesus out of conviction. From them, Jesus has just chosen the twelve, who are to be particularly closely identified with his mission throughout their lives...

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams

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