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Proper 25

Jeremiah 31.7-9
Hebrews 7.23-28
Mark 10.46-52

Some theologies sound a bit vague about what happens to Jesus after the resurrection. His work is completed, once for all, on the cross, he is vindicated by the Father through the resurrection, and that’s that. Then, depending on your point of view, either the Holy Spirit takes over or the Bible does or else human morality does, with pious references to the Jesus who is now conveniently not there to be checked with. (I am, of course, exaggerating, but bear with me.) The Holy Spirit knows about the cross but that’s all in the past now, and the present job of believers is to tap into the power that the Holy Spirit has to offer, and not to talk about that nasty old cross too much. The Bible, too, knows about the cross, since it tells about it at great length, but its present role is to give to believers a certainty and power that is not at all unlike that delivered by the Holy Spirit, though without the choruses. Human morality expects our own will-power to deliver the goods. It talks about the cross as something that really could have been and should be avoided, if only we will follow Jesus’s example and be thoroughly nice to each other and non-judgemental....

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams

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